• brainiackroywenYou think Rocky's and whole Asap hype slowly faded? The more you guys hold back on materials, the more you become forgotten. Why hasn't rocky put out any material this year? What' with the hold up? ya trying to do that Jay Electronica shit?
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    this the realest shit I never wrote.

    that one time I discovered YAMS is the brains of the outfit.

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  • AnonymousHi! I was just wondering, what's your opinion on traditional courtship as opposed to modern day dating?
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    I think you come across somebody that just catches your eye, and you make the effort to know them. Then a friendship is born, and you continue to know them, maybe have a couple dates where you both dress up! The guy buys flowers, because he always wanted to, and he compliments the girl on her lovely dress. They have a couple awkward moments, because the friendship is slowly being lit and turned into a blazing fire. The days go by, you start to think seriously about this new friendship, how you no longer want to just talk but maybe you want to kiss them like you are learning to dance with the lips of another. But you know, you know that you still have a long ways to go before all of that happens, so you step up your pursuit. Maybe you start to write each other letters, because you have always wanted to spill your soul into ink, sealing the most important parts of your heart within an envelope. You begin to have serious conversations about your futures, but you must be serious about it, no playing with the thought of it, and then talking about it. A guy has to have his mind made up, because when you invite a woman into the sanctity of a forever after, she will set all bridges on fire and walk with you to the end. The question I have to ask myself is this “Am I brave enough? Am I brave enough to go to the ends of the world with this beautiful soul?” and if the answer is a firm conviction and the heart being set ablaze, the timing is right and the families approve, You take the risk, and you make the choice. 

    Many have said no, and you know the pain it brings… But she says yes, and you are now in an all new journey. All this time, this other person has been helping you grow, making you a better person in the eyes of God and those around you. It’s grace that is being woven into your relationship, the reality that you two will be so depend on God that you have no other choice but to trust the outcome of this relationship to God. You realize that you have been helping her as well, you give wise counsel when needed, but always reminding each other to go to Christ in all things. You start to love this person, and you realize that you are better with them than without, even though you both would be able to live apart. You have grown comfortable with each other, learning the habits that you both have, and also the bad ones as well. You find out what annoys you most, and still choose to love them.

    After awhile, you know, you know that you two are gonna be fine and that you are ready for the next step, so you do what all people in love do, you buy her a ring and you get ready for that big moment…

    Every relationship is different, I don’t know if courting is the way to go or dating is the way to go, I do know that attraction is real, but love is even more real when we choose to do it daily. Whatever course you choose, make sure that you are true to each other, if you know that you could love that person forever, even in the reality of change (because you will change and you will learn to love a different person over the course of a marriage), I say go for it, and may God bless you in your pursuit. Just be careful, the heart is a beautiful thing, and it would be a shame to break it in a selfish desire for your own wants. Because marriage and love is selfless, and that is why dating and courtship don’t really matter, because if you do either of those without the companionship of selfless love, than you are just playing around with someones most fragile vessel.

    Be smart, pursue someone with intention, and be mindful of the timing that God has on your life; because it might not always be the time for you to pursue someone, when God is pursuing you first. Look to Jesus, and love every moment with Him, above all.


    I hope that made sense.

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    For the anon who asked about courting.

    This is beautiful

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Today was a bit rough. I’m working my butt off teaching, and I’m trying to stay on top of that and my school work. I don’t really have social obligations unless they are to the school. 

A friend of mine got engaged a couple weeks ago. Really happy for her. 

Another friend got married this past weekend. 

Everyone asks if I’m dating. 

It wouldn’t hurt as bad as if I didn’t have to delete someone’s number today.

And realize that I have to cut someone off as well. 

Yet there is a guy that I really do like. I want to experience him. I want to have coffee, dinner, a museum date with him. Just spend some time with him.

Then I have people around me who don’t understand how much companionship is a blessing and important to us as humans. 

Just feeling lonely-I’m not alone, just a little lonely tonight. 

Could also be because I’ve been singing “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan all day to arrange it for my ensemble. 

That’s all. 

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He was in my dream. 

I wanted to kiss him. I want to kiss him now. 

I didn’t kiss him. He isn’t here right now. 

But, yeah… he’s got me smiling…


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Words, because they come to me sometimes

Come lay with me 

The stars could use our company
Sometimes they like to listen 
to how fast my heart can beat 
with you next to me 
Come dance with me 
The floor sometimes forgets 
How strong it actually is 
Until our bodies come together 
To move as one in rhythm 
In asking this
I know I risk 
but the gain is far richer 
than not having it is
and in asking
I might have 
more than I do now
So why not 
go out on a limb
if they are worth it
And to me 
You’re worth it
You’re worth opening my heart and my mind
You’re worth it
It’s not an overnight deal
Good things take time
I’d rather you touch my soul with your thoughts 
Heat up my feelings with your songs 
Go places you’ve never gone before
Let us guide each other in love 
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