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As a graduate student in the humanities, I am realizing that the saying “college isn’t for everyone” is only true because of the way our educational system is set up. If higher education were in the business of making each student the best individual by challenging their thoughts, goals and skills, college would be for everyone. Everyone should be able to read, be able to think and be able to ask why and question what they learn. THAT is what I took out of undergrad and now, even more, in Graduate school. That is my goal as an educator, always challenge, make the student understand that they are learning to take my job, learning to be better than they have ever been, and grow and grow until their bodies cease to exist. Don’t get it twisted, I realize my blessings and I am GRATEFUL. I want to be able to tell children, honestly, that they can go to college and succeed. Because even when you fail, you’ve succeeded in being wrong. That can only make you more right the next time. 

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Too busy taking lots of selfies ‘stead of looking at ourselves
Our beauty lies under the skin
Something a camera cannot capture
Basing all our self love with the reflection in the mirror
Or the filter on the picture
Instead of knowing what makes you different,
Knowing what makes you glow.
Bronzer and gloss, oil and lipstick can make a face attractive
But it doesn’t capture within
There’s beauty on the outside of all of us for sure
Only when our souls are told each and everyday from our own mouths
I love you, you are beautiful
I love you, you are beautiful
I love you, you are.

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It’s so beautiful to kiss
who actually
means a lot to you.

Alena M.  (via girlsjunk)
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feeling sad fat ugly worthless lonely 

Really really sad i’ll be alone for easter… 

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The baddest.

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