I think it’s kind of a shame that we haven’t seen other peoples bodies, naked especially, throughout our childhood. If we get to see others, maybe we can have conversations about our bodies, look at them like the beautiful instruments of work and beauty they are. Maybe if I had seen more stretch marks, or rolls, or uneven breasts, I wouldn’t have had those problems in myself thinking that it was only me that had those things. There doesn’t have to be anything sexual about the human body. I’m growing to love my body more and more each day, even right now, when I’ve got a stomach illness, I know that there is something there that shouldn’t be, and that my body is working to get it out. I need to listen to my body more often. 

Thanks be to God for insight and discernment!


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It feels like we’re breaking up all over again

Written 8*25*2014 10:20pm

Darlings and angels and love at first sight

we mistook the marathon for a 100 meter race

Amazings and kisses and late night phone calls

we loved so hard and fast we broke ourselves

Leaving reality in our dreams

and living our dreams out loud

too much too soon

too much too soon

I’m trying to pick myself up, put myself back together

You’ll never be replaced

memories we’ll have 

until we forget 

Until we erase those texts

Empty our mind, heart and 

inbox of what we used to be

That doesn’t mean it never was

only that its made us who we are today


That single truth shows in our new lives

Do you live like I loved you? 

DId it change you? 

It changed me

Theres nothing poetic about this

just truth

Now I jog, taking deep breaths to take in all the life in and outside of me 

Thank You

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I just want to know how your lips taste, how your hands feel when all you want is my skin underneath them, but what if it’s not my skin you yearn for, but my mind? 

Teach me something you love…

Show me the way to your heart…

Let’s take our time…

Let me learn your rhythm, let me learn your soul…

I’ll take my time… 

But let’s start now, tomorrow isn’t promised…

If forever is now, kiss me so I will know forever how your lips feel against mine.

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  • AnonymousStraight up: you're a super huge inspiration in my life. Dunno if that's an opinion or a fact, but hey..
  • Wow, thank you. Wish you weren’t anon. I

    f you ever want to bounce ideas, or just chat, please let me know! I’m always free and love to just discuss dreams and things, so please, don’t be a stranger! 

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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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The great hindrance in spiritual life is that we will look for big things to do. ‘Jesus took a towel…and began to wash the disciples feet.’

Oswald Chambers (via nonelikejesus)
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